Our Tea

Stay Calm and Collected

Unlike other caffeinated drinks, tea has L-theanine and caffeine that work together to let you stay awake, while feeling relaxed. Unwind your body and mind with our crafted cup of tea.


Monitor Your Caffeine Intake

Feeling jittery, anxious, or sleepless from the caffeine? Our teas come with caffeine charts to help you monitor your caffeine intake. Don't let caffeine take control of you.


Enjoy the Real Natural Flavor

There’s NO artificial flavoring or essential oil in our teas. By offering only the high quality loose leaf tea (not fanning/dust in tea bags which are the leftovers from the manufacturing process), it brings out the tea’s natural flavors. 


Boost Your Health

High quality loose leaf tea is known for its premium flavors and good nutrition. Studies have shown that abundant antioxidants, like EGCG, in tea may improve our health.