TBrewster Guide

You're only five steps away from enjoying your tea using our TBrewster! This should be a quick and easy guide on how to use it. Please also check the safety guideline below before you use TBrewster. 

When using it for the first time, we recommend cleaning your TBrewster with warm soapy water.


You Need: 

Tea leaves
Water heating source - kettle, microwave, campfire, or whatever that'll heat your water
Timer - your phone works too
Teaspoon - optional


Add tea leaves in the mesh infuser inside of TBrewster

STEP 1) Add tea leaves in the mesh infuser inside of TBrewster

*Add more tea leaves (x1.5 - 2.0) for the cold brew

100 celcius temperature on an electric kettle as an example

STEP 2) Heat up the water to a desired temperature 

*Add room temperature water for the cold brew 



 adding water to Tbrewster with a kettle and showing red dotted line over the mesh infuser

STEP 3) Slowly add water over tea leaves, put the glass-cap back on, and wait

  • Start the timer as you add water
  • Aim your water at the meshed filter to avoid spilling
  • We recommend filling up to the end of the meshed filter -- dotted red line in the photo.

*Refrigerate the TBrewster for 2-12 hours. Long steeping time = Strong tea 



 opening Tbrewster's lid with a small drip of tea from the infuser

STEP 4) Once the timer rings, open the lid, and let it cool to your desired temperature before drinking


STEP 5) Enjoy your drink!

  • For best taste, drink about 2 inches from the top before placing the lid back on. If tea is brewed for an extensive amount of time, it will make tea (black, oolong, green) more bitter. 
  • Dry your TBrewster for future use



Safety Guidelines

Make sure you pay attention while using hot water. Zana Tea (the company) is not responsible in any way for the misuse of products that goes against the following guidelines: 

  • Be careful handling hot water
  • Do not microwave the TBrewster
  • Keep away from high-temperature heaters such as microwave ovens, oven, or open flames
  • Top glass lid can get hot so please handle with care
  • Keep away from children under 15 years old, due to the danger of hot liquids
  • Do not use with dry ice