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  • Signature Starter Set
  • Signature Starter Set
  • Signature Starter Set
  • Signature Starter Set

Signature Starter Set

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TBrewster Color

Our Signature Starter Set is all you need to start drinking tea and "Caffeinate Responsibly." Really. Whether you're a novice or pro tea drinker, the set lets you try a variety of tea with ease.


What's Inside

brewed dark irish tea in a cup

as strong as coffee
the perfect blend to start the day
∗ full, oak, honey ∗

1oz | 11 servings
caffeine: | 80mg/cup

brewed zzz tea in a cup and brewed zzz with lemon in a cup next to eachother

great before bedtime to
help you relax & unwind
∗ light, floral, vanilla ∗

1oz | 14 servings
caffeine: | 0mg/cup

brewed brewed casa blanca tea in a cup

a 'feel-good' afternoon tea
∗ full, mint, smokey ∗

1oz | 8 servings
caffeine: | 25mg/cup

brewed milky oolong tea in a cup

a delicacy that can satisfy your sweet tooth
∗ light, sweet cream, orchid ∗

1oz | 9 servings
caffeine: | 22mg/cup

gold tbrewster

silver or gold
our signature tea brewing tumbler
caffeinate responsibly anytime, anywhere

portable | easy to use
designed for our steeping method

  • Add Tea

  • Add water (up to the red dotted line)

  • Mmmm!

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Ask us Anything

The FDA recommends roughly 400mg/day.

Tea has both L-Theanine and caffeine that can help you feel calm and collected.

Absolutely, TBrewster is designed to fit in standard cup holders (3 inches in diameter)

Yes, we recommend using it for both!