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Our Story

Do you feel anxious or turn into a zombie at night from the coffee you had earlier? Well you aren't alone. In fact, that's how we started.

Our story begins after our friend had one too many sleepless nights from drinking coffee to stay awake during her job. Ironically drinking her morning coffee also made her feel anxious and jittery. Instead her friends suggested drinking tea.

But there is a problem. It's dIFFicUlt to get into tea. Here is why.

    • A long journey to find proper loose-leaf-teas
    • Choosing from hundreds of selections that you aren't familiar with
    • Finding time to make the tea using complicated rituals
    • Even after all steps above, some teas just taste bad

    We tackled these problems with unique solutions, which are available for you in Zana Tea.


    Tea, Tea, and... Tea

    Every corners of our teas collection are catered to your needs. We're talking about number of teas in our collection, types of tea, and quality of teas that we offer.

    After spending great deal of our time researching and testing (drinking) hundreds of tea all around the world, our collection has only a few well-recognized teas in the tea community for your convenience. 

    Instead of a larger collection, we focus on the quality. Each tea we offers is the best among its kinds, which is the result of comparing different gardens across the world. You can explore its unique flavors in a way that it's known for.

    Learn more about our passion for good teas in "Our Tea."   


    Convenient, aka Fast & Easy

    In a fast-moving modern world, traditional way of making tea may be time-consuming and luxury for some (don't get us wrong, we love the traditional way as well). But anyone should be able to have a good cup of tea. 

    To make loose leaf tea accessible to anyone, our products are designed and tested to smoothly fit into your flow without taking away your time. 

    We also offer portable and safe products so that you don't have to break your flow.


    Care for You, but Really

    Quite frequently, some of us find ourselves feeling anxious and restless from our never-resting society. Many caffeinated drinks out there don't help either.

    We work closely with our lab to provide accurate caffeine chart so that you can take control of your own energy. Tea can help you stay relaxed yet focused (Thank you, L-theanine and caffeine). We want you to find your inner peace through tea.

    Our commitment is to donate 1% of our sales to organizations that makes greener earth and funds research for curing anxiety and depression. Our hope is that our neighbors have less anxious tomorrow and keep our planet healthy for us and generations to follow.


    Why do we care? Because we want to make positive impacts in our community with tea. So please join us in this exciting and leaf-ful journey.


    Zana Tea